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We are proud of our newest member of the IT (Information Tool)...

We are proud of our newest member of the IT (Information Tool) family of tools designed to assist job seekers. Applying for jobs but finding it difficult to stay organized?

Which covering letter was used for this job versus the other one? Which resume was use? Who did I talk to and what was said? Currently working and looking for a new job?

Recently loose your job? Are you a placement agency and want to offer your recources an opportunity to keep organized? Tired of trying to organize all your job specific information in folders and emails?

Finding it hard to remember who you spoke with, which cover letter was used, which version of a resume was sent? Some benefits of Job Tracker are: Unlimited job detailsUnlimited notesUnlimited contacts per jobUnlimited correspondence sentEasy to provide Employment Inusrance information when askedPrint out the detail sheet and bring it with you to an interviewMac or PC, your choiceAnd much more.

Think for a moment. how many jobs have you applied for? If asked, could you remember the details of the jobs? Then you get a phone call from a prospective employer asking you some questions about your resume but you can't find the custom resume you sent them.

Job Tracker mantains the relationship between all the correspondence pertaining to a specific job, the job details, who you spoke with and what was said - it's that easy!

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